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Transforming towards living

Are we changing politics more than politics is changing us? It’s a question we rarely ask ourselves in any kind of formal way. But it’s one that more and more members and supporters are asking, when confronted by the vast gulf between politics-as-usual and the ecological, economic, social and political crises we face. [...]


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Democracy, Economy, Environment, Featured, Green Agenda Journal 2022: Volume Three

Building power to dissolve power

Power won't dissolve itself. We need to dissolve it. Any political strategy towards implementing a Universal Income must work, then, to build political power. Build power… to dissolve power. [...]


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by Tim Hollo , 7 months ago

Green Agenda Journal 2022, Volume One: Greens And Government - Tim Hollo ACT Candidate
Democracy, Featured, Green Agenda Journal 2022: Volume One

Green Agenda Journal 2022, Volume 1: Greens And Government

The Greens are a third force in politics, making big strides in representation in parliaments in Australia and around the world. More and more often, our party – a party which was founded on the principle of grassroots democracy – is finding itself in government, sharing power with other parties which don’t necessarily share our values and commitment. It’s vital... Read More

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Democracy, Featured, Green Agenda Journal 2022: Volume One

“Uncomfortable with power”: strategies, policies and approaches of the Green Party of Aotearoa NZ in government

The Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand is one of the oldest Greens parties in the world, and has been in shared government several times. Currently, they are in a unique arrangement with the Labor government of Jacinda Ardern. Green Institute Executive Director, Tim Hollo, spoke with co-leader, Marama Davidson, about the policies, strategies and approaches the party is taking... Read More

by Tim Hollo , 1 year ago

Image Description - Marama Davidson at her marae - Matai Ara Nui in the Hokianga, celebrating her appointment of co-leader in 2018

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Greens and Government: 2022 Volume 1 Edition call for contributions

As an Australian federal election approaches, there’s more talk of Greens in government, so it’s time we discuss what, why and how. What have we achieved so far, and what can we do next? How can we do it differently and better? How can we transform government itself, and how do we risk being changed by it? Please pitch your... Read More

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Policing dissent, enforcing consent

You can’t do it that way! When Extinction Rebellion protesters spray-painted “duty of care” across the front of Parliament House the morning after the latest IPCC Report was released, drawing national and international attention to the fact that the Minister for the Environment is appealing a court decision finding she actually has a legal duty of care to future generations... Read More

by Tim Hollo , 2 years ago

On Dissent - Green Agenda - Extinction Rebellion - Duty Of Care Canberra action - Parliament House

Instead Of “Snap Back”, Let’s Rethink Work - Green Institute
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Instead Of “Snap Back”, Let’s Rethink Work

Lockdown in my household saw my partner and me working harder than ever, on endless Zoom meetings, frantically redesigning events and teaching for the online world, stuck in our home with two teenagers doing all their studying, socialising and extracurricular activities on video calls. It was noisy and chaotic, and it pushed our bandwidth to the limit, both literally and... Read More

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Social Justice

Staying Together While Keeping Apart During COVID-19: Part Two

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic and the rapid shift to physical distancing the Green Institute hosted a webinar on 19 March 2020 titled Staying Together While Keeping Apart. Green Agenda is now publishing transcripts of the speakers of the webinar. This week we are publishing the talks from Millie Rooney, Meg Clark, Tim Hollo and Natalie Osborne. Read Part... Read More

by Tim Hollo , 3 years ago

Staying Together While Keeping Apart During COVID-19: Part Two

Do Nuclear-Powered Electrons Have Balls? Hyper-Masculine Domination VS Ecological Politics
Culture, Environment, Social Justice

Do Nuclear-Powered Electrons Have Balls? Hyper-Masculine Domination VS Ecological Politics

There’s been a flurry of stories recently about men apparently choosing not to recycle, or carry reusable shopping bags, because they’re worried people might question their sexuality. The reporting is based on research by Janet K. Swim, a professor of psychology at Penn State University, studying the perception of certain pro-environmental behaviours as having a particular gendered nature. She did... Read More

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Democracy, Economy, Environment, Social Justice

Towards Ecological Democracy – Part 2

This is part two of Tim Hollo’s essay, Towards Ecological Democracy. To read part one, go here. Be part of the conversation! We’d love to hear your thoughts on Tim’s ideas. We’re looking for comments and responses covering any parts of Tim’s essay. Your response can be long or short, critical or positive. If you’d like to respond, get in contact here. ... Read More

by Tim Hollo , 5 years ago

Green Agenda | Towards Ecological Democracy