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Will we keep cranking up the aircon as we watch the planet burn? 

We have conjured up a dark future with our addiction to air-conditioning, but as we enjoy our dream lifestyle, this luxury is cooking the planet and sentencing the poorest and most disadvantaged to a nightmare of cooling poverty. [...]


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Denying diversity and the betrayal of multicultural education

The Victorian Institute of Teaching’s teacher registration policies reflect colonial biases by excluding culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) educators. Discriminatory policies, particularly around language requirements and teaching experience, not only exacerbate the country’s teacher shortage but also fail to serve the needs of CALD students. Dismantling systemic barriers to teacher registration is necessary to create a more equitable and inclusive... Read More

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Solid swings but not many ward wins – unpacking the results of the 2024 Brisbane City Council election

Well it’s six days since the council election, and the last few postal votes are being scrutinised closely, with the Greens frustratingly close to winning in a couple of different electorates both in Brissie and elsewhere in South-East Queensland. Across Brisbane’s 26 wards, the Greens primary vote has grown by a very healthy 5.2% on average, to 23%. (There’s a few percentage points difference... Read More

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Write for us!

We work with social justice, antiracist, and ecological commitments, and in favour of Indigenous sovereignty. We welcome contributions from all who share an interest in exploring ideas that are consistent with and explore left, progressive, and environmental thought and its contemporary relevance.  [...]


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