How to contribute

Next issue: The Ends of Work

Submit your expression of interest for our next issue looking at the ‘The Ends of Work’.

Expression of Interest can be submitted here.

Essays should be between 2,500 and 4,500 words and should not have been previously published elsewhere. Green Agenda aims to go beyond opinion and commentary and encourages detailed and engaged analyses of themes and ideas.

We are open to different kinds of contributions ranging from creative writing to visual essays, and plenty more, please contact the editor to discuss.

Green Agenda

Green Agenda is an online publishing project that aims to stimulate public discussion and debate, deepening understanding of critical and contemporary ecological politics and thought. It is a project of the Green Institute, focussing on publishing essays and interviews that explore the challenges of our time and present creative progressive ideas for the future of Australia and the world.

Green thinking is responsive to the challenges of our contemporary world and is underpinned by the beliefs found in the four pillars of the green movement around the world: ecological sustainability, social and economic justice, peace and nonviolence and participatory democracy.

The primary content on Green Agenda is long-form essays, although the editor welcomes content exploring themes and topics relevant to green thinking through other mediums such as interviews, visual projects and other creative content.

Who can contribute?

Green Agenda welcomes contributions from writers, academics, scholar-activists, organisers and citizens who share an interest in exploring ideas that are consistent with progressive and green thinking and its contemporary relevance.

How to contribute and specifications

Green Agenda encourages interested contributors to send through a brief pitch outlining a proposed essay or other form of content, rather than a completed text. The Editors are wanting to ensure a breadth of topics and themes are covered through the course of the project so not all potential essays will be able to be published.

Pitches for suggested content can be submitted online here.

The editor will respond to potential contribution ideas within two weeks. Green Agenda will also be actively seeking contributions on particular topics.

The long form essays are to be between 2,500 – 4,500 words and should not have been published elsewhere. Green Agenda aims to go beyond opinion and commentary and encourages more detailed and thorough analysis of themes and ideas.

We encourage creative engagement with the project, for example cartoons, images, photography. In relation to submitting other forms of content please contact the Editors for further information.


Green Agenda is a project of the Green Institute which is a not-for-profit organisation with limited resources. Green Agenda receives no on-going funding and is funded through individual donations. We rely on donations to help pay contributors. Donate here now. We are able to pay up to $200 per piece. 


Contributors retain ownership of their work and are free to republish elsewhere while acknowledging the original publication with Green Agenda.