How to contribute

Open for submissions

Write for us in 2024!

Our first issue for 2024 is thematically open. Send us your abstract or pitch by Friday 23 February. Final contributions will be due in late March 2024.

Expression of Interest can be submitted here.

Essays should be between 1,500 and 2,500 words and should not have been previously published elsewhere. Green Agenda aims to go beyond opinion and commentary, encouraging engaged analysis of themes and ideas.

We are open to different kinds of contributions ranging from creative writing to visual essays, and plenty more, please contact the editor to discuss.

Green Agenda

Green Agenda is an online journal and project dedicated to publishing and working with grounded forms of writing – writing by people and from places, projects, and communities, where transformative or prefigurative change is already at play, across so called Australia and the region.

Our work, like that of the green movement around the world, is underpinned by a commitment to ecological sustainability, social and economic justice, peace and nonviolence and participatory democracy. Green Agenda is a project of the Green Institute.

We publish mainly long-form essays, although welcome other mediums such as interviews, visual projects, and creative content.

Who can contribute?

We work with social justice, antiracist, and ecological commitments, and in favour of Indigenous sovereignty. We welcome contributions from all who share an interest in exploring ideas that are consistent with left, progressive and green thought and its contemporary relevance.

We especially welcome contributions by Indigenous and racialised writers, researchers, scholar-activists, artists, and community organisers seeking to deepen our understanding of place, Country, ecology, democracy, politics, and justice.


Green Agenda is a project of the Green Institute which is a not-for-profit organisation with limited resources. Green Agenda receives no on-going funding and funds contributions through individual donations. We rely on donations to help pay contributors. Donate here now. We offer up to $200 per piece to our authors as a contribution to their writing and work. 


Contributors retain ownership of their work and are free to republish elsewhere while acknowledging the original publication with Green Agenda.