Changing what’s possible, living democracy 

Tim Hollo in conversation with Anthony James of the RegenNarration podcast.

Tim and Anthony talk about the power of community to shape politics, exploring the themes and stories that nurture Living Democracy.

The conversation examines alternative forms of governance and justice that can serve our communities as we face the end of the world as we know it. 

The conversation weaves together the lessons and experiences of Barcelona en Comú and Participatory City in London, the community independents movement in Australia, the radical experience of Kurdish democratic confederalism, the work of Elinor Ostrom, and plenty more!

The conversation was recorded on Little Black Mountain in Canberra, on Ngunnawal Country, on 17 April 2023.

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Tim Hollo is Executive Director of The Green Institute, founder of Green Music Australia, has recorded and toured globally with FourPlay String Quartet (you’ll hear a tune from them in this episode), and is the author of Living Democracy: An ecological manifesto for the end of the world as we know it.

Anthony James is a fifth-generation Australian living on ancient lands among the oldest continuous cultures on earth. He is a facilitator and educator, a Prime Ministerial award-winner for service to the international community, Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia, and Warm Data Lab Host Certified by the International Bateson Institute.

Image credit. Feature image by Anthony James.