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Solid swings but not many ward wins – unpacking the results of the 2024 Brisbane City Council election

Well it’s six days since the council election, and the last few postal votes are being scrutinised closely, with the Greens frustratingly close to winning in a couple of different electorates both in Brissie and elsewhere in South-East Queensland. Across Brisbane’s 26 wards, the Greens primary vote has grown by a very healthy 5.2% on average, to 23%. (There’s a few percentage points difference... Read More

by , 2 months ago

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The radical potential of Brisbane City Council

It’s no accident that so many Brisbanites think local government is mostly just about fixing potholes and building playgrounds. Power-holders find it convenient to perpetuate the narrative that councils are merely local service providers with limited political relevance, because it helps justify anti-democratic moves to take more power away from local communities, while reducing public scrutiny of the many big,... Read More

by Jonathan Sriranganathan , 2 years ago

Community meeting on Boundary Street, West End. Photo by Jonathan Sri
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One ring to rule them all: Unpacking the centralisation of power within the Queensland Greens

No matter how noble its intentions, any political movement that seeks to win power through electioneering is gradually going to be co-opted by the process. In imagining how a Greens government might one day operate in practice, we can find clues in the ways important decisions are currently made within our party. Unfortunately, real-world experience suggests we risk falling into... Read More

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Was Keneally’s Migration Diatribe Fair Dinkum Racist?

Greens Councillor Jonathan Sri from Brisbane argues that regardless of whether Kristina Keneally is racist herself, her views of immigration will bolster a racist system. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a few people have taken issue with my suggestion that Labor Senator Kristina Keneally’s opinion piece about immigration was advancing racist arguments. I shouldn’t need to start with this disclaimer, but: No, just... Read More

by Jonathan Sriranganathan , 4 years ago

Was Keneally’s Migration Diatribe Fair Dinkum Racist?