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Dr Carlos Eduardo Morreo is a writer, scholar, and organiser living in Naarm/Melbourne and the current editor of Green Agenda. Previously he taught in the School of Politics and International Relations at the Australian National University in Canberra. Carlos is also the executive officer of the independent Institute of Postcolonial Studies, based in North Melbourne. He co-edited Postdevelopment in Practice: Alternatives, Economies, Ontologies (Routledge 2019) with Elise Klein, and collaborates with several International politics and global south journals.

Green Agenda Journal 2022, Volume 2: Green Politics. On the Ground after the Election
Culture, Democracy, Featured, Green Agenda Journal 2022: Volume Two

Green Agenda Journal 2022, Volume 2: On the Ground after the Election

For this issue of Green Agenda we welcome new critical and creative voices, writing from places where left political and ecological commitments are already making a difference. As a decade of liberal-conservative hegemony in government finally breaks, and as we shift to this new post-electoral moment, we also bring together several pieces that reflect on the federal election and the... Read More

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