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Joan Staples is a Melbourne-based political scientist focusing on civil society and ngos, especially environmental ngos, and their role in democracy. Her career has been in policy and advocacy working with national ngos involved in campaigns all over Australia and she played a strong role in the formative years of the Greens.

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What Even Is Democracy?

In October 2017 Green Agenda hosted two lively debates at the Green Institute Conference: “Everything is Connected”. This is the edited audio and transcript of the first of these discussions, titled “What Even Is Democracy?”. In this conversation, hosted by Green Agenda co-editor Simon Copland, three speakers — Clare Ozich, Stephen Healy and Joan Staples — answered key questions about the... Read More

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Democracy resides in participation in organisations

What is the place of NGOs in our democracy? Joan Staples has some thoughts on this matter. [...]


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