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Rosemary Beaumont lives in the tall forests of the Bega Valley. She has twice been a candidate for the Greens in the lively electorate of Eden Monaro. Rosemary has explored processes driving the evolution of democracy in multiple spheres of community, activism, sacred ceremony, political systems and academia. In her doctorate she articulates new forms of democratic governance which model patterns of peace and are applicable at the community, national and global scales. She combines her solid academic research with public engagement to address complex society-environment problems. With both informing each other, her work is appealing for its caring, wider intellectual coherency and pragmatic applications.

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It is everyone’s forest

Australia’s magnificent biodiverse and carbon-dense public native forests are facing a critical moment. The catalyst being the state by state re-evaluation of the 20 year old Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs), over the next two years. [...]


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