Articles by Michael Honey

Michael Honey’s interests centre around pragmatically navigating the societal and environmental challenges of the coming decades. He is the founder of Icelab, is a multidisciplinary interactive design and development studio with offices in Canberra in Melbourne. Icelab has had had a four-day workweek since 2009 and supports distributed, asynchronous workstyles, including working from home or while travelling. Michael has bachelors and masters degrees in philosophy.

Economy, Social Justice

Towards a four-day work week

We started the company, two of us in a room, working five eight-hour days, and late if we had to: the same hours we were used to at the advertising agency we’d just left, scrounging for work, taking what we could get. Little by little we got better at what we did, and after two or three years we’d improved... Read More

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