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Dr Elise Klein is a lecturer of Development Studies at the University of Melbourne. Her research interests span conditionality in Indigenous policy, psy-expertise in development interventions, women’s economic empowerment and economic rights. Dr Klein has a doctorate from the University of Oxford and also held a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Centre for Aboriginal Policy Research at the Australian National University. Her new book Developing Minds: Psychology, Neoliberalism and Powerhas just been released by Routledge.

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Towards an Historical Account of Universal Basic Income

On the 9th December, 2016, the Green Institute published the paper Can Less Work be More Fair: a discussion paper on Universal Basic Income and Shorter Working Week. As part of this release Green Agenda will be republishing a number of essay from the paper. We start today with Elise Klein’s paper, “Towards an Historical Account of Universal Basic Income“. Universal... Read More

by , 3 years ago

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Securing Economic Rights: the time has come

It is frequently claimed that Australians live in one of the world’s best democracies. Yet in the last 30 years, we have seen a demise of power held by the people of Australia. The post war era in the West has focused on preserving and advocating for civil and political rights such as voting rights, freedom of assembly and expression.... Read More

by Elise Klein , 4 years ago