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Balginjirr “A Special Place On Our Home River Country”!
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Balginjirr “A Special Place On Our Home River Country”!

We are pleased to share with you this incredible poem by Dr. Anne Poelina, part of the Green Institute Report ‘Rebalancing Rights: Communities, Corporatations and Nature’. I came home to our river country, our place… our space… today. I stood at your grave site and recall the first night when I came back to my mother’s land, and now I... Read More

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Basic Income Makes Basic Sense for Remote Indigenous Australia

In this essay, republished from the Green Institute’s ‘Can Less Work Be More Fair?’ discussion paper on Universal Basic Income and a shorter working week, Professor Jon Altman argues that a new Basic Income scheme has the potential to deliver remote living Indigenous people forms of alternative economy.   The employment situation in remote Indigenous Australia is a disaster. Even... Read More

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Art and Activism

Alex Kelly explores the power of art and story in responding to the changes we are experiencing and will continue to experience as a result of the climate crisis. [...]


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