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How Should We Respond To The Rise Of The Far-Right?

TheĀ rise of the far right in countriesĀ around the world is opening up important questions about how the left should respond. While anti-fascist groups have become active, their tactics have been criticised and debated. Following our interview with Jason Wilson on the threat of the far-right, Green Agenda presents two differing perspectives on how the left should respond to the rise... Read More

by and , 2 years ago

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The Threat Of The Far Right: Why Take It Seriously?

The recent white supremicist rally and murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, Virginia have brought attention to the rise of far right groups in the United States. The Australian journalist Jason Wilson, who now lives in Portland, has been reporting on the rise of these groups since the election of Donald Trump. Prior to attending a far-right rally hosted by... Read More

by Simon Copland , 2 years ago