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Steven Liaros is the author of Rethinking the City—an exploration of the historical ideas that underpin the organisation of cities—showing how these ideas are being transformed by the Internet. With qualifications in civil engineering, town planning and environmental law, Steven is currently undertaking PhD research at the University of Sydney's Department of Political Economy with the aim of designing a package of economic strategies and public policy principles that would drive the implementation of the circular economy as a framework for building resilient and globally connected, local communities. Together with Nilmini De Silva, he is co-director of town planning consultancy PolisPlan. See more of his work here:

Environment, Social Justice

An Ecological Human Settlement Theory

Responding to Tim Hollo’s article Towards Ecological Democracy Steven Liaros suggests cities as a space in which we can achieve ecological democracy. But doing so will require significant changes to the way we live in urban settlements. Introduction In Towards Ecological Democracy, Tim Hollo calls for the re-framing of the Greens political project around the principle that ‘everything is connected’. He argues... Read More

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