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Professor Brendan Mackey is Director of the Climate Change Response program at Griffith University, Queensland. He has a PhD from The ANU and prior to his position at Griffith, worked as a researcher with CSIRO, the Canadian Forest Service and the ANU. He has over 200 scholarly publications and has current research is focussed on forest, climate change and biodiversity.

Environment, Social Justice

The Breath Of Life: Scientific Reflections On Our Planetary Connections & Their Political Ramifications

It’s hard to escape the feeling that our societies are becoming more divided and fragmented, driven by powerful regressive and disruptive influences. Nonetheless, we remain fundamentally connected through our evolutionary history, our shared biology, and our dependence on the natural processes that constitute Earth’s life support systems. In his keynote address at the Green Institute’s Conference, Everything is Connected, in October 2017,... Read More

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