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Beatrix (Bea) Campbell is a UK author, playwright, filmmaker, journalist, political commentator and broadcaster. She is a heady intellectual force whose career spans nearly five decades. She joined the Communist Party as a teenager and is now a member of the Green Party. Bea has received several academic honours including honorary doctorates conferred by Salford University, Oxford Brookes, University of Bedfordshire and The Open University for her works on crime, community, gender and children’s welfare. Bea’s latest book, End of Equality published in 2014, has been hailed as ‘beautiful, heart-swelling prose’, but is uncompromising in its assertion that the new world order is, in fact, the enemy of equality.

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Legacy of the Russian Revolution: An interview with Bea Campbell

In a wide-ranging interview, UK writer and political commentator, Bea Campbell, spoke to Green Agenda editor, Clare Ozich, about the legacy of the Russian Revolution and communism; feminism and the end of equality; Green politics; and the current state of UK politics.     [...]


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