Articles by Ahri Tallon

Ahri Tallon is an Australian event organiser, communications professional, project manager and political campaigner who loves to work on innovative projects that connect community and address the big problems of the world. He is recognised by many as a courageous and strategic agent of change as a result of his work in the climate movement, advocating sustainability education, opposing the expansion of coal and calling for just economic transitions for coal mining communities. With his long history of experience in the environmental and progressive movement, he seeks opportunities to manage projects, curate communications, facilitate collaborations, inspire participation, engage networks, research issues and organise programs using design rooted and systems thinking approaches. Having recently finished a Bachelor in Business Management he is also looking to broaden his horizon with experiences in the government and private sector that are working to grow the new economy, invigorate democracy, address sustainability problems, and fight inequality.

The New Economy Movement

Recently, the USA based​​ New Economy Coalition​ (NEC) held its second biannual national conference, Common Bound, in Buffalo, New York State. A handful of Australians were in attendance to learn about the stunning diversity of projects, organisations, collaborations and directions this expanding movement is generating. The coalition that now comprises over 157 member organisations came together after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. The groundswell of the Occupy Movement led to the energising of social and political momentum towards structural and policy alternatives to the existing corporate controlled economic system. As​ the seemingly disparate​​ Occupy activists searched for democratic, equitable and sustainable solutions, their ranks flowed into and connected the many organisations that had already been working towards ecological, social and ethical economic systems and structures. Continue reading →