Why A Universal Basic Income Can Address Historic, Gender And Material Inequities

Reclaiming social value, not just material pricing

Arguments for a Universal Basic Income in Australia face particular local cultural, economic and social pitfalls. Unlike many other western style democracies, the Australian welfare system of payments is noncontributory
(i.e. paid out of general tax revenue), and we have no tradition of public equity entitlements.

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Response by Ted Trainer to ‘What does it mean to change everything?’

I want to commend Simon for his discussion “What does it mean to “change everything”?  He takes up the core theme raised by Naomi Klein’s “This Changes Everything”, which exposes serious deficiencies in previous green thinking and action. Both point to the essential and difficult issue that the discussion of the environmental problem should be focused on … but isn’t.  Following is a brief indication of how I have been arguing about these issues for a long time. Continue reading →